T e s k e y   G u e s t h o u s e 

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stay more enjoyable, we will be happy to do so!  

Begin your day with the smell of fresh flowers while having a substantial breakfast in our garden. A wonderful day of nature sightseeing is in store as you journey to the incredible region of  Jety-Oghuz resort along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. Discover the beauty and wonder of the mountain range Teskey Ala-Too. You will visit one of the most photographed massive cliffs in Kyrgyzstan, the magnificent wall of Jety-Oghuz (the Seven Bulls).


From the first stop on your journey you will enjoy the beautiful views of the Razbitoe Serdzse (the Broken Heart), the massive heart-like rock formations that were sculpted over millions of years by wind and water.

You will then see spectacular mountain scenery as you enter into the Red Canyon, which surrounds the Jety-Oghuz river. Here you will find the red massive wall of Jety-Oghuz (the Seven Bulls). They like seven Sail boats in the ocean. From here our guide will lead you to the valley of the Dragons. From there, a short drive by the river brings you to the valley of flowers where you will see the Wooden House (40 km). In 1961, Gagarin the world's first astronaut, spent his holidays here. Then you will climb the hill where a magnificent view opens up to Issyk-Kul lake and a beautiful waterfall. Here you will have time to relax on the top of the hill while having a picnic and celebrating the end of a marvelous trip and the glories of Jety-Oghuz.

Finally, you will return to Karakol with many unforgettable memories of your tour to Jety-Oghuz.

Services included: Trekking guide, transport, meals


Sometimes happiness is simply a matter of timing. We arrived at Issyk-Kul two days ago and brought the rain, the cold and the wind. We couldn't see the mountains and the prospect of sitting in a room all day loomed - but we took a pant and thought if we moved to the other side of the lake perhaps things would change. Actually, they didn't - it was more miserable over here, but the next day dawned bright and fair and we took the tour to the Jety-Oghuz. What a fantastic day - surrounding up hillsides, taking in the fresh air in huge breathless gulps, exercising  muscles they skip in most medical anatomy classes, sitting on rocks and contemplating the mountains, watching the sheep and goats in the fields, watching for pot holes, eating the big picnic lunch, and taking too many photos, not one of which will capture the splendor of the place. God it's good to be alive! Thanks to the whole family! Tomorrow they are forecasting rain. Cheers and Coo-ee!

Paul and Merie. Australia

Enjoy an uforgettable journey with our Teskey Discovery Tour!