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Weekend in Teskey Ala-Too

One of the most breathtaking areas and interesting parts of the Great Silk Road is definitely Lake Issyk-Kul. We offer the unique four-day auto and hiking tour program around the Lake Issyk-Kul, including travel through the exciting Kochkor’s valley, visiting the sacred place of Manjili-Ata, with stops at the moon landscape, the Cholpon-Ata petroglyphs, and the Scythian’s tombs. 
So get ready for the Weekend of a lifetime!


Day 1. Your guide meets you at the airport in Bishkek. We start our adventure! We drive to Karakol along the mostunspoilt and interesting part of Lake Issyk-Kul on the southern shore. Our journey proceeds through the fascinating Kochkor Valley, visiting the sacred place of Manjili-Ata - the object of worship Moslem people, and walking over the moon landscape. You have plenty of opportunities to stop anywhere and take pictures. In Karakol town we stay in a family homestay Teskey Guesthouse. The friendly and traditional hospitality of the hosts will leave you with lasting and pleasant impressions.

Day 2. Today we discover the beauty and wonder of the astonishing red sandstone cliffs of Jety-Oghuz canyon and the stunningly beautiful Flower Valley. It lies about 25 km west of Karakol. The canyon derives its name from the Kyrgyz words “Jety”, which means seven and “Oghuz” – bull. The cliffs really do resemble the heads of seven bulls. Finally, you return to Karakol with many unforgettable memories of your tour to Jeti Oghuz.
We complete the day by taking a Great Russian sauna in the Teskey Guesthouse.

Day 3. This serene and breathtaking one-day trip takes you to the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, 40 km from Karakol near the small authentic village, where the local Kyrgyz life style has remained relatively unchanged for over 60 years. You will have wonderful lunch on the serene and sandy foreshores of Lake Issyk-Kul, where the relic “Oblepich” forest adjoins the beach. While exploring the splendid views of the impressive coastline you will be thrilled by the crystal-clear water of the lake, and the spectacular views of the relic forest. The word paradise usually comes to mind when describing this scenic stretch of land. We finish our day with a city tour.

Day 4. Today we return to Bishkek along attractive north shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. We stop at the Cholpon-Ata petroglyphs, and the Scythian’s tombs. We drive you to the airport where we bid you farewell of the trip to Central Asia and we hope to see you once again! You depart from Kyrgyzstan with many remarkable memories of your trip!